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Digital cable boxes are not available. Do not call for digital cable boxes. Nothing available for digital cable boxes. Nothing available for satellite tv & we have no digital cable box for satellite direct tv. No digital cable box, no digital cable box descrambler, no digital cable descrambler, no digital period! If you want to buy wholesale electric scooter or electric gas scooter click the link.

#1 Wholesale source for unmodified cable descrambling equipment. Our boxes will not decode premium channels.
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We do NOT Sell test chips, test boards, boss boards & RFT Plus

    Cable tv box descramblers & decoders that are unmodified. We do not sell test chips decoder board kits boss boards rft's rft plus. If you are looking for these items, please look else where.

Common features found in our Unmodified cable TV boxes:
Wireless remote control ability, volume control, mute control, channel changing control, favorite channel memory, sleep timer, fine tuning for antenna channels received by air, std, hrc, irc setting for use in different areas and countries such as south america, external power outlet for your TV set to plug into. 


     Ownership of any unmodified cable TV descrambler box that we sell is 100% completely legal in all 50 states including the USVI and Puerto Rico. The boxes we sell are completely unmodified and not capable of receiving any premium or pay per view type of channels from any cable company. The cable box descramblers we offer for sale will recieve all basic and extended basic channels the cable company offers and or all channels available to you by antenna or air broadcast. The boxes will in no way decode any premium or pay channels offered by the cable company via cable wire or antenna.



The seller is selling you a unmodified descrambler or a converter/descrambler, so you can: 

  1. Own your equipment to reduce or eliminate your monthly rental fees and possible equipment damage charges. 
  2. Take advantage of the latest technology in converters and enjoy extra features that enhance your viewing pleasure such as volume control and remote control.
  3. Use the equipment as a second or third setting when you are already fully activated and you wish to view programs on more than one TV. The boxes also work great for plasma TV owners. If you have a plasma it is likely that your TV has no tuner. You must use A cable tv descrambler box like the type we sell in order to tune in basic and extended basic programming to your plasma TV set. A VCR will do the same thing as A cable box except the cable box will give you full volume and mute control along with many other features such as favorite channels and sleep timer.

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